Difference between a home theater system and a soundbar speaker

People who are interested in sound settings and music and cinematic sound structure clearly can identify the difference between a soundbar and a home theater. However, not everyone is aware of these electronic gadgets unless people who are interested in sound systems. For those who are not aware of them they are just speakers in different sizes so here on this page let’s discuss the topic of home theater vs soundbar in brief.


A soundbar or a media bar is an audio output device used as a compact size speaker but produces sound to a wider enclosure. They are a mini stereo set up that does not require more space. But with multiple channels, they produce sound quality equal to multiple speakers.

Home theater:

A Home theater or a home cinema is a mini theater set up for an audio-visual treat in our home. They tend to give us theater experience and more supportive while playing video games and parties.

Both are speakers with different sets of speakers with features of their own, here is the difference between home theatre between soundbar. Though there are huge differences in them we should know what suits our taste.

Difference between home theaters and soundbars:

  • Home theaters system is a compilation of multiple speakers to give high-quality audio in the surrounding. The same goes with the quality of sound produced by the soundbars but they are single speakers with multiple speaker channels in one audio bar.
  • Price value differs a lot in both as the home theater system has multiple speakers, receivers, subwoofers, and even soundbars sometimes are a part of a high-end home theater system which demands a huge sum of money.
  • But in a soundbar, it is a single speaker with multiple speaker capacity the price value is less than setting up a home theater comparatively.
  • soundbar speakerThe sound quality is important; there is a difference huge difference in listening to home theatre vs soundbar because of numbering and setting we made through.
  • Space is the main point when it comes to home theaters though some basic home theater systems require only front speakers with screen yet they need more space to build.
  • Soundbars are just bar-sized which makes them convenient to be mount just around a TV or above them. Even a small table is enough to have them.
  • As soundbars are self-contained and in speakers, they are flexible and can be upgraded if needed.
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