How to get better a surround sound from home theater speakers

Surround sound:

Surround sound is used to produce an enriched audio effect for a person who is listening by mounting multiple speakers around the surrounding or a room. The best example for surround sound is a theater which gives a realistic experience with the multiple speaker’s setups in the theater room. Normally a multiple speaker is necessary to have surround sound at a better experience.

But how come setting up home theatre surround sound in a house, is possible. We need to know a few ideas and tips to follow to have to surround sound from the home theater.

Tips to get better surround sound:

Surround sound is can be derived with some requirements we follow.

Front speakers:

Front left and right speakers must be important when placed in a position where we could listen clearly. The angle we place them must comparatively have a long distance from the wall to get sonic surround sound. Though there might be a good experience with the bass sound when placed closer to the walls it is better to have them placed at a longer distance.

5.1 surround sound:

The 5.1 standard configurations is the most popular for the surround sound home theater system. It has six channels with five standard speakers and one subwoofer for low-frequency sounds. Placing them around the sitting surround just a few feet away from our ears will give better quality. They work better getting surround sound from home theatre easily compared to other equipment.


AV receivers work better but it is not compulsory to add them but having them will give better audio quality. (AV) audio-visual receivers are used when multiple audio source speakers are used. Connecting to the home theater setup will give better results with surround sound.

multiple speakers


Subwoofers will give better audio quality when placed along with the home theater speakers. Though some home theater set up have default subwoofers in their equipment it is better to have an extra subwoofer. They are good with low-frequency audio such as bass and will better audio treat if you are watching horror movies or thriller movies.


Everyone might wonder what the surround system has to do with cables but it is important to choose the right cables while mounting the speaker system. A speaker system has lots of input and output objects which requires cables that fit them right. Mainly while having receivers connected with speakers cables are must to be noted.

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