How many speakers do we need for an Dolby Atmos technology?

Every speaker and home theater system has a capacity that could maintain in a surrounding adding extra equipment and features will give more effect to the sound produced. It is expected to have better surround sound and a theater effect by the people install the home cinemas. To get that in an advanced version we have a solution that is Dolby atmos. It is a surround sound technology used on the already existing sounds by projecting them three-dimensionally.

It expands the surround sound and works in a format where we could listen to a song at a 360-degree angle and it changes the way a sound is projected in a surrounding. There are pros of having Dolby home theatre and check on object-based audio format.

Pros of Dolby Atmos:

  1. It does have huge installation charges if we go with high-end equipment but what we need most is a receiver. And also, there are many options available for this setup.
  2. Their quality of sound is what makes them more seekable by others and that is why they are inculcated by big cinema theaters to personalized home theaters.
  3. Getting the speakers mounted on a height is the more relatable one for its key quality and having the enough speakers for Dolby Atmos is important for better surround sound.
  4. Ceiling speakers are the highlights of Dolby Atmos’ digital home theater system as their main idea of surround sound was made with a 360-degree enclosure.

Speaker system:

In Dolby, the sound is not a wavelength signal they are objects projected through speakers. Among the equipment, it is important to have compatible ones to get Dolby’s work.

surround sound technology

We need separate speakers for overheard audios and can use already existing speakers if they are compatible with the Dolby home theater system. But basically, to have a more precise and big theater quality of sound we need four Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. Which makes us have clear audio levels while winds whooshing, raining, helicopter scenes in a movie.

Every speaker system is different and using the right count of speakers for home theatre is a key factor for best audio-visuals. Other than Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers we can have overheard speakers either an existing or alternate overhead speaker. And pretty this combination of overheard speakers and Dolby enabled speakers to work better for surround sound. But make sure while using an existing speaker whether they are compatible with this new equipment.

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