How to connect a home theater system to a Dolby digital sound

Home theaters have become the heart of many houses during this quarantine as they give us the quality of theater experience. To have more comprehensive quality in the home theaters we need more essence that will enhance the quality. What will it be like to have fewer data inculcated to produce high-quality audio in your home cinemas? So, to have that quality we could connect home cinemas to Dolby digital will give improvised sounds.

How to work out on linking Dolby digital sound to a home cinema, to get better results, as audio and video technology is highly developing these days. It is easy to connect the home theater system with Dolby digital.

How to connect them?

But make sure you have a matching cable if not check on the channels that need to be connected to home theaters. In the TV check on the channel for cable if not just a headphone port would suffice.

home theater system

If there is no space for the headphone port there will be an optical out port using optical connect the cables to a converter from where we could connect the speakers.

We have three ways to connect Dolby digital to the home theater system. That is

  • HDMI
  • Coaxial cable
  • Digital optical cable

To get this done we need a surround preprocessor with a multiple channel amplifier or an AV receiver to have better effects of these connections as surround sound is important.

connect the TV


If you are supposed to connect the TV to an HDMI then make sure that you have a new model system, receivers, and amplifiers. There will be a need for three cables to mounting them with set up boxes, tv, tv DVD players, amplifiers, and receivers. But make sure to connect the cables in the correct order to get them connected. The cable connection goes like connect the set-up box with your TV with the first port of HTMI. Connect DVD player with the tv on the second port of HDMI. Now connect the last cable in the DVD player with the set-up box with 2 RC cables. There are other ways of connecting a home cinema to Dolby digital sound with your home theater.

Optical cable:

It can connect to any optical audio input of a device that is compatible with the Dolby digital and also as mentioned above we need an optical cable to connect to the output of the equipment for better surround sound.

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