How to get a better audio quality for a film against all odds

Sound is importantfor communication and everything has a sound quality to be perfect. When it comes to a film for a movie, they are audio-visual treats and gives a more realistic experience. So as mentioned audio is the key to a film as the dialogue delivered is what conveys the idea of the movie. There is a huge process behind the scenes in the sound process and post sound production work. There are lots of tricks and techniques we need like mic placement, recording, and post sound process.

The production sound and post-production effects are equally important for a film’s best audio treat. Whether independent audio or studio level effective audio there are tips to record better audio for a film effectively. Not only have the dialogues, audio, and surrounding sound effects music had a huge role in the sound system.

Ideas to follow:

  • The mic is the key to the recording of the audio and to have improving the film audio make sure to have quality high standard mic in your film. Whether a short film, a documentary, or a big film make sure to have standard mics and choose wisely. There are different sets of mics for a wider shot and long shot as scenes recorded in a closed area has better sound quality.
  • Where we place the camera is important as the distance is important between the mic and the actor. So, make sure the mic is closer within a 3 feet distance from the actor. If there is a wider space having a crew with a mic and having them out of the frame is better. If there are two people ask one person who does not have dialogues to have a mic or recording device out of the frame. We can use the objects and surrounding wisely by placing the mic in a closer place to the actors.


  • Also, there are post-production works with sound engineers and make sure to have natural sound effects in moderation as we adding more effects might affect the quality of the feeling conveyed in the film.
  • Dubbing is a huge post sound production process for a film, while recording dubbing for a film we must be careful and add the sounds rightfully. The dubbing is an audio level film as it adds core value to the dialogues that are shot with less audio level. Even though there are times in time like anime movies dubbing is what adds soul to the characters.
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